As the President of KOR Systems, Jeffery Scott Kiser oversees the Gainesville, Georgia telecommunications firm. The company was originally named Network Communication Solutions and was started to offer Voice over Internet Protocol systems. Recognizing trends in technology, Jeffery Scott Kiser switched the business' focus to local area networks and wireless networks and educated his staff in routing and fiber optic backbones. Although Mr. Kiser's first clients were in the higher education field, KOR Systems quickly moved into the hospitality industry. As easily accessible Wi-Fi became an essential for travelers, the presence of a strong infrastructure in hotels turned into an important selling point. Moreover, Mr. Kiser informed his customers about how their networks could enhance staff communication, climate control, door locks, and other aspects of their facilities. Today, KOR Systems sets up guest and administrative networks and performs easy to complex total network backhauls. When not supervising KOR Systems, Mr. Kiser relaxes by playing tennis, hiking, biking, and engaging in other outdoor activities. A fan of sports, he enjoys watching high school, college, and professional football and baseball. Additionally, he volunteers at homeless shelters and food banks.

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